Bluehost Shared Hosting Review, Pros/Cons | With Conclusion(2024) Updated

Bluehost hosting review: Discover what Bluehost shared hosting is, why it is so important, and a few of the most vital Bluehost shared hosting considerations you need to focus on before buying.

To thrive in today’s digital world, winning over rivals requires an excellent hosting solution.

An excellent hosting solution increases your website load time and makes your website more secure.

Over the years, the spectrum of Bluehost shared hostingreview has boomed like everything else.

In this post, we will cover everything you need to know about Bluehost shared hosting.

Types of Bluehost shared hosting plans review?

4 types of Bluehost shared hosting plan

  • Basic plan
  • Plus plan
  • Choice plus plan
  • Pro plan

Bluehost shared hosting plans

For various customers, each plan serves a different function and has its pros and cons. Let’s talk about each plan in depth.

Bluehost Shared hosting: Basic plan

The cheapest package offered by Bluehost is the basic plan. It includes an SSD capacity of 50gb and customer service support 24/7. When you sign up for three years, the basic plan will cost you $2.75 / month, but the cost rises when you renew the hosting plan.

Pros of basic plan-

  • You get a free domain for one year.
  • Free SSL certificate for one year
  • Free CDN included

Cons of basic plan-

  • Renewal prices are higher.
  • Limited storage of 50 GB
  • Page speed is slow
  • Restricted to 1 website only
  • No automated backups

Conclusion for a basic plan

This plan is suitable for beginners who want only a low-cost trial and whose website does not have too much traffic. It is not acceptable for those who wish for a robust user experience because it has minimal functionality.

Bluehost Shared hosting: Plus Plan

The well-known plan given by Bluehost is the plus plan. It has many advanced features, such as a free domain, unlimited websites, and unlimited email accounts. The plus package will cost you $ 4.95 / month if you sign up for three years.

Pros of the Plus plan

  • Unlimited SSD storage
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Unlimited subdomains

Cons of Plus Plan

  • Not suitable for a large amount of traffic.
  • Frequent downtime
  • Add-ons are costly
  • Customer support is not supportive
  • Doesn’t have a right backup solution

Conclusion for Plus Plan

This package is perfect for those who want to host several websites simultaneously and are a newbie. But this plan is not the right fit if you are looking for the best performance. During a high-traffic site, crashes and renewal costs make the plan incredibly costly, not justifying the given features.

Bluehost Shared hosting: Choice plus plan

It is the official plan recommended by Bluehost to its customers. It includes free domain privacy and better backup options. If you sign up for three years, the selection plus plan will cost you $ 6.95 / month.

Pros of choice plus plan

  • Site backup via code guard basics
  • Unlimited parked domains and subdomains
  • The facility of spam experts
  • Unmetered network bandwidth
  • High-performance server

Cons of Plus plan

  • Customer support is not supportive
  • Expensive plan
  • Speed is unreliable
  • Nontransparent allocation of resources

Conclusion of Plus plan

For those who want advanced backup solutions and excellent security features, this plan is sufficient. But this plan is not enough for those websites whose traffic are increasing rapidly.

Bluehost Shared hosting: Pro Plan

Last but not least plan offered by Bluehost is the pro plan. It includes almost all the advanced features like optimized CPU resources, free automated backup, and many more. The pro plan will cost you $ 13.95 / month if you sign up for three years.

Pros of Pro plan

  • Free dedicated IP
  • Premium SSL certificate
  • Unlimited storage
  • Two spam experts
  • Unlimited Cpanel Features

Cons of Pro plan

  • Renewal price almost doubles
  • Frequent downtime
  • Constant upsell pitches
  • No service level agreement
  • Unpleasant user experience

Conclusion for Pro plan

For existing websites that have a limited amount of traffic of 50,000, the pro plan is suitable. It’s better for the early stage of e-commerce platforms. It’s not ideal for small websites.

The best alternative of Bluehost

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