Ultimate Comparison of Hostinger vs Bigrock 2024

Hostinger vs Bigrock

Featured comparison Of Hostinger vs Bigrock review 2024 Many companies and platforms are offering the same web hosting services, too, so close and precise that there’s not much to think about while choosing the right web hosting platform for your website.

Every minute these providers are working to make the site beneficial and comfortable for beginners and professionals. The service provided, hassle-free visits, and comprehensive features continuously improve for a better user experience.

It’s an era of digitalization where many service providers are selling products and goods online. It was a tedious process earlier, but due to various web hosting platforms, the required amount of services, guidance, and assistance are being provided to the business owners.

But how to select the best one for you when there are many right ones.

Whether you are down for setting up your new website or want to change the service provider, many things come into play before choosing the one. This article is here to help you make that decision if you are thinking of either Bigrock vs Hostinger.

Both companies have been proved to be reliable and up to the mark. But it is as similar as it is dissimilar. So let’s get started.

Hostinger vs Bigrock


It is designed for people with all budget ranges but provides the standard and required service. It is a trustworthy web company that provides web hosting services. It offers several quality plans, including shared web hosting, cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, cPanel, etc. All of the features give you a lot of space to work with.

Hostinger Features:

  • It offers high-end security and privacy features
  • It offers endless features on mid-tier and top-tier plans to pick from
  • The UI is user-friendly with configurable service
  • It provides a 99.99 percent uptime guarantee
  • It provides a free domain
  • It offers affordable service pricing options
  • It provides customer assistance 24/73
Hostinger vs Bluehost

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It’s simple to use and includes a convenient control panel. It offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee with unlimited space, domains, and emails. Bigrock has facilities with modern infrastructure, and it comes with a Softaculous installer and power tools. It’s made to provide you with a long-lasting website experience, has a robust hardware backbone, and supplies maximum efficiency.

Bigrock Features:

  • They provide high uptime services
  • You get the benefit of unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited domains
  • It has a 30-day money-back policy
  • Great and easy to use options on the control panel
  • Free domain services
  • 24/7 chat support

Disclaimer :- To maintain Serverfacts, we earn a commission if you decided to make a purchase through referral links in this review. 

Shared Hosting Features Comparision of Hostinger and Bigrock

  • Hostinger
  • Bigrock
Features HostingerBigrock
Bandwidth100GB Unlimited
No. of domains 1 Unlimited
Uptime 99.99% 99.9%
Support Email, chats, phone call Chats and phone call
Money-back guarantee 30 days 30 days
Control panel hPanelcPanel, Plesk
Free CDN Limited with certain plans Only with cloud hosting
Free SSL certificate Yes No
Automatic backups Yes Weekly with cloud Hosting.
Choose Your PlanGet StartedGet Started

Hostinger vs Bigrock Review 2024

1. Pricing

Hostinger vs Bigrock offers an affordable and wide range of prices for WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, Cloud hosting, shared hosting, and much more, with all the essential features included. Apart from this, Hostinger also offers Minecraft hosting.

The price and performance ratio are important factors to consider while choosing the right platform for you. Although it may seem like Bigrock is a bit cheaper than Hostinger but the quality, features, and essentials included are much better than Bigrock.

Both the providers have cheaper plans as the plan’s duration is increased, but Bigrock allows you to take up the plans for one year and more, whereas you can choose monthly plans on Hostinger. The platforms offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

2. Performance 

Hostinger vs Bigrock has a huge performance gap, whether on the server locations, speed, scalability, or overall presence. Hostinger offers better uptime and fast response time. It also offers Cloudflare CDN with all of its plans that benefit from boosting the performance due to multiple servers of Hostinger. But you only Cloudflare CDN with Cloud Hosting on Bigrock.

Hostinger offers free site migration, but Bigrock does not, which might create a hassle if you are thinking of switching the web hosting providers. Also, Hostinger provides SSD disks that are more efficient than the standard HDD drives. It is also a huge factor that widens the gap between two providers. The SSD drives are only available with VPS hosting in Bigrock.

3. Features

Hostinger offers 30-200GB SSD storage, Free SSL certificate, one-click installer, free website builder, free site migration, custom control panel, SSH access, automatic setup wizard, free domain, automated backups, and you can always add more by upgrading your plans according to your requirements.

Bigrock offers Softaculous installers, SSH access, unlimited email accounts, unlimited website hosting, 10GB disk space, 20GB bandwidth on VPS hosting, and much more with their plans to suit your needs.

4. Security and support

Hostinger provides you with a free SSL certificate which is an essential feature the providers need to offer. You can get the SSL certificate by paying Bigrock. Hostinger offers multi-level DDoS protection but it is just the standard one in Bigrock.

Bigrock provides automated backup only with Cloud hosting but this is not the case with Hostinger. The daily backup is for all the plans without additional charges.

You can connect with the experts via chat, phone, and email. While both claim to be available in all modes, the chat of Bigrock is much more responsive and fast than that of Hostinger.


Both Hostinger vs Bigrock do not differ vastly in price, and both stand out amongst the services they offer. As we saw in the comparison table, one fulfills the quality of service if the other one is lagging in something. We have tried to pick up the gist of everything so you can better understand how much the providers match your requirements.

The bandwidth and prices differ with different plans chosen, so both the providers are on the same panels. The SSL certificate is required since it helps your site load and adequately checks for threats and faults regularly on the internet. Bigrock doesn’t provide you with the SSL certificate; however, it offers unlimited domains, space, and bandwidth. The uptime is better with Hostinger.

It won’t be a clashing review if we say that you can go with either and will not regret the choice. A few aspects have Hostinger serving better, but at the same time, Bigrock is not far too behind.

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