WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting

In simpler terms, WordPress Hosting refers to a hosting whose aim is to fulfill the requirements of WordPress, like its performance and security. Additionally, it contains one-click WordPress installs. This makes it handy to get started with WordPress. Other than this, there are some WordPress hosts that updates the software of your WordPress as per the requirement. 

Types of WordPress Hosting

Two types of WordPress Hosting:

  1. Shared WordPress Hosting.
  2. Managed WordPress Hosting.

1. Shared WordPress Hosting

It is always cheaper than the second one. In this, there is a shared server among your’s and other’s websites. You will still be optimized by performance. It is just that the server is not only yours but is shared among all. 

Types of WordPress Shared Hosting pricing is divided into three categories:

  1. Lite = $3.92
  2. Swift = $4.90
  3. Turbo = $9.31

2. Managed WordPress Hosting,

A more advanced form of Shared web Hosting. It provides unique and cool features to all users.

It offers:

  • Fast speed
  • Server-side caching
  • Improved security
  • Staging sites. 

Managed WordPress Hosting is more expensive than Shared WordPress Hosting. The pricing of Managed Hosting is more than $25 per month. 

What to choose among the two?

If you are in doubt about choosing one of them, then let me clear your doubt.

According to me:

  • If you are concerned about money, then you should select Shared WordPress Hosting Plan.

  • If you are worried about the time and extra efforts given in managing the website, you should choose Managed WordPress Hosting Plan.

This is so because, in Managed WordPress Hosting, everything is handled automatically. You need not control the performance of your website. This results in saving a large amount of your time. 

If you choose the Shared WordPress Hosting, you must keep in mind that you are compromising several unique features. 

Free WordPress Hosting services

There are some free wordPress hosting Services of 2021. These free hostings will not let you feel down. If you wish, you can try it. Below is the list of some free WordPress hosting Services.

11 Free WordPress hosting website list:

  1. WordPress.com
  2. 000webhost
  3. AccuWeb Hosting
  4. Byet.host
  5. AwardSpace
  6. x10Hosting
  7. Free Hosting No Ads
  8. Free Hosting
  9. InfinityFree
  10. Freehostia
  11. 100WebSpace

10 Cheapest WordPress Hosting Services 2021

Below are some of the cheapest WordPress hosting Services. You can even find services of cost about $2.05 per month.

The list mentioned below have a collection of the best hosting in between $2 to $7.

Best and cheapest WordPress hosting Services

  1. Bluehost = $3.95/mo*
  2. Hostinger = $1.59/mo*
  3. SiteGround = $6.99/mo*
  4. Namecheap = $3.87/mo*
  5. GoDaddy = $2.05/mo*
  6. DreamHost = $2.59/mo*
  7. InMotion = $6.99/mo*
  8. iPage = $3.75/mo*
  9. HostGator = $6.86/mo*
  10. A2 Hosting = $2.99/mo*

Should you choose WordPress or not?

Well! Just like every single thing has its pros and cons, so does this WordPress. You should not neglect that WordPress has established its vast presence in the era of technology. It has brought about a big revolution in the world of websites. But, with that, it has several drawbacks as well. 

Advantages/Pros of having WordPress hosting

Now, I’m going to discuss with you what I feel about WordPress and WordPress Hosting. 

Here, we have 7 Advantage/Pros of having a WordPress website:

  1. User-friendly Content Management System
  2. Plugins
  3. SEO
  4. Responsive
  5. Open-source
  6. Security
  7. Automated Services

Let’s read in more detail

1. User-friendly Content Management System:

If the admin wishes to get to the backend of the site, then he/she need not struggle a lot. All the options are available easily. Also, the uploading system, editing system, everything is so comfortable in WordPress. You are not required to have a lot of knowledge of website management. 

2. Plugins:

There are more than 53,000 free as well as paid plugins for all WordPress users. These plugins will help you in enhancing your WordPress site. Every plugin has its separate role. You can choose any of the plugins you wish, and your work becomes easy and exciting too.

3. SEO:

It is cool and accurate. You have to navigate to the “Yoast SEO” option after you have opened your article. It will start rating your article based on features like Flesch reading, passive voice, and so many other terms. WordPress SEO is the best SEO that I have ever used. 

4. Responsive:

In today’s world, websites are not just limited to desktops but have also come on mobile phones and ios devices. This brings a need to have a separate theme for mobile versions and ios versions. WordPress has proved itself in this field. It has thousands of themes available for you to meet your requirements. And, these themes have proved themselves to be consistent. 

5. Open-source:

WordPress is entirely free to use. Suppose you are a new user and wish to try WordPress, welcome WordPress with zero cost. You can create your site, and additionally, you can even send its source code, change it, and use WordPress to study. 

6. Security:

There are frequent updates in WordPress. These updates make sure that WordPress users do not compromise with safety. 

7. Automated Services:

WordPress’s best part is that it saves a lot of your time. If you are having Managed WordPress Hosting, then you do not have to do anything. Your website’s performance and security are automatically updated with the help of Managed Hosting.

Disadvantages/Cons of having a WordPress hosting

As we know WordPress is the most popular platform for blogging and other types of websites. If you are a new blogger and want to start your blog, then 1 question definitely in your mind “question of choosing the right hosting“.
Above we learn the advantages of WordPress hosting, if you are going to buy WordPress because of its 7 advantages then you are wrong.

Stop you to buy WordPress hosting without knowing the Cons/disadvantage.

6 Cons/Disadvantage of Shared/Managed WordPress hosting

  1. Updates
  2. Vulnerability
  3. Speed
  4. Customization
  5. A limited number of sites
  6. Banned plugins

Read more about the points ‘mentioned above’ one by one.

1. Updates:

Updates play an essential role in improving your site’s performance and security on WordPress. Sometimes, these updates bring small issues to a website, due to which you have to get back to the older WordPress state. Also, these updates make WordPress more expensive.

2. Vulnerability:

As mentioned in the advantages that WordPress is an open-source platform, there is a high risk of hackers attacking sites. But, you can still reduce the risk of hacking by always choosing the most reliable plugins and themes as well. Read everything properly while installing the plugin, and in case you find something suspicious, cancel the installation process.

3. Speed:

Though WordPress provides you with thousands of themes for your site, there exist so many themes that make your website slow. These themes contain some unnecessary codes that do not play any or much role in your site. This becomes a challenging task in identifying that specific code. 

4. Customization:

We have discussed in point 1 that some updates of WordPress break some of your functionalities. So, due to this, some of the customizations might get affected. And, in case you do not have much knowledge of designing, then it will be so hard for you to bring everything back to normal. 

5. A limited number of sites:

You cannot host more than one website in most entry-level managed WordPress Hosting plans. Other than this, sometimes, it also creates a problem while installing multisite.

6. Banned plugins:

In the Managed WordPress Hosting plan, some specific plugins are not allowed to run due to security purposes. But, Shared hosting allows all the plugins. 

So, after considering the pros and cons of WordPress, consulting a WordPress expert is recommended to you. If you get guidance from an expert, then you can prevent some of the cons mentioned above. 

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