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cheap wordpress hosting

Cheap hosting for WordPress: The more expensive plans will provide you with far more than you require in terms of performance, basics, security, and support. But how can you pick the most cost-effective programs that do the job well while staying within your budget?

WordPress is the most popular option for creating a website among the other possibilities. How can you obtain the cheapest plan with the finest features when there are so many platforms providing similar plans? Let’s get started with this article, which is intended to assist you in making that decision.

1. SiteGround:

(Starting price: $3.99/mo)

SiteGround is a user-friendly platform with several features. It’s simple to use and includes a convenient control panel. The website ensures that even novices may manage their website without any difficulty. They provide speedy and secure service with a guarantee of 99.99 percent uptime. It’s made to provide you with a long-lasting website experience.

The same goes for WordPress-optimized servers. SiteGround offers managed WordPress hosting with Free WordPress installation, migration, Free SSL certificate, automated backups, free emails, and much more all at prices that are so cost-effective, that you will not get the same quality elsewhere. Siteground Hosting is a cheap WordPress hosting platform.

WordPress installation:

As mentioned, the installation is hassle-free due to its speedy and secure service. All you need to do is choose your server location and with a few set-ups, your website will be good to run. All this is quickly possible due to the built-in installer. It also includes free plugins, automated backups, and more. The process is easy and quick.

Customer support:

Site ground offers 24/7 support for maximum customer satisfaction. The customers can connect via live chats, tickets, and calls. The agents have sufficient knowledge about WordPress to access your site and can fix any issue you are facing.

Siteground has 5 data centers over three continents to provide services across the world with ease. They have a detection system that prevents and protects against bots and hacking. Siteground has impressive proactive server monitoring. It provides you with free backup and restoration daily. SuperCacher is used for unstoppable speed

Basic prices and services offered$3.99/mo excluding taxes with most of the services limited for the cheapest plan
Functioning websites allowed with the cheapest plan1 website
Visitors allowed for the basic plan10k
Free DomainNo
Free SSLYes
Provided Disk Space10 GB – 40 GB SSD storage

2. BlueHost:

It is a well-known web hosting service provider. It is used by almost two million websites all over the world. It gives users access to a variety of hosting options, all of which are affordable and of great quality. It’s a low-cost WordPress builder and hosting platform with helpful customer service. It has been recommended by WordPress too. This may be used to establish a solid foundation for your website.

WordPress installation:

MojoMarketplace handles the WordPress installations on Bluehost. It has made the installation process relatively easier with its one-click feature. Not only this it also offers the standard cPanel to provide consistently high performance with exceptional server time.

The interface provides you with much knowledge and assistance to make the process easy and understandable.

It has proven its worth over time and has high significance in installation.

Customer Support:

Bluehost has dedicated teams working around the clock to better serve customers. They all get to you very quickly.

Bluehost provides customer support by chat, ticketing, emails, and phone. The team reaches up to you in no time and helps to clear up the installation problems. Along with this, the team sets up a temporary URL to continuously monitor the site in case anything goes wrong

Service via chat support was fast and friendly and helped us with clearing up the initial WordPress installation problems and setting up a temporary URL to view our site

General featuresBluehost
Price$ 2.75/mo
Plan nameBasic
Automatic backupYes
Disc typeSSD
Disc space50GB
Email accountUnlimited
Free domainYes

3. Hostinger:

(Cheapest WordPress Hosting at $1.99/mo)

The business model of Hostinger aims to give the most effective web hosting plans at the lowest feasible price. It gives users access to various hosting options, which are affordable and of excellent quality.

It offers reasonable prices as well as helpful customer service. With steady growth, performance, and other features, Hostinger has proven to be the best. It appears to be a capable and effective hosting platform.

It provides affordable Word Press hosting, among other things. You’ll have more than enough space to work with due to all the features.

WordPress installation

Hostinger’s easy-to-understand functionality and automated setup have made it simple for newcomers to set up their websites. You get high-end services at minimal prices, and you can rely on this for a lot of your requirements and functions to be performed.

It is a low-cost WordPress builder and hosting service with helpful customer service.

Hostinger provides you with eight data center locations to choose from namely Indonesia, India, United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, Brazil, Lithuania, and the Netherlands. It offers one-click installation and the rest is managed by the setup wizard without doing much. You can also choose from the different themes provided.

Customer Support:

Hostinger is noted for providing help 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and offers superior customer service than many other hosting platforms. The teams are easy to connect to and will deal with all the relevant inquiries regarding WordPress and whatever might be delaying the process of hosting your website.

Free SSL
Control PanelHostinger has its panel called the hPanel
Automatic Backups
Email AccountsUnlimited
Free DomainYes for a year on annual plans
Disk Space
10GB to unlimited depending on the plan
Visitor Bandwidth
100GB to unlimited

4. WP Engine


It’s made to provide you with a long-lasting website experience. It has a powerful hardware backbone and supplies you with maximum efficiency.WP engine is the most popular managed hosting website that offers great customer service with up-to-the-mark customer satisfaction.

The basic plan is called Personal and has introductory prices which allow 1 WordPress installation with just a few clicks. The site with a basic plan can handle up to 25k visitors. WP Engine is the Cheap WordPress Hosting Platform.

WordPress installation

The installation process is what most of us dream of when signing up for any service. To do the minimum and get maximum benefits and top-quality services. This is what you get with the WP engine. You need not do anything during the installation process. The team takes care of everything for you.

The process will hardly take minutes and all credentials and important details will be sent to you via email. All you need to do is just get started with your dream work.

Customer support:

The phone calls are available on higher plans but with a basic plan also you get to contact the help desk anytime you need. They provide the chat option too. The quick installation provided by the team is also a plus that not many of the platforms provide.

The customers have rated WP Engine a 4.5 out of 5 in terms of customer support due to their efficiency and customer-oriented services.

General featuresWP Engine
Price$ 20.00/mo
Plan namePersonal
Bandwidth25k visitors/ 50GB
Automatic backupyes
Disc typeSSD
Disc space10GB
Email account1
Free domainyes

5. A2 Hosting


A2Hosting delivers high security with a developer-friendly WordPress-optimized environment. With its different turbo plans, A2hosting achieves remarkable results. It provides top-notch security as well as plenty of storage. It is well-known for its great performance and ability to serve as a one-stop web hosting shop. It is designed to deliver someone as new as a beginner to a full-fledged business.

Among the different web hosting systems, it is a well-known name. A2 Hosting is a cheap WordPress hosting Platform.

WordPress installation:

This might sound like music to your ear. You need not install WordPress in the A2Hosting platform. WordPress is pre-installed. If you want you can install the instances of word press. This can be done by a Softaculous installer.

The process has been made so easy for the consumers that it is a peaceful ride without doing much on the installation part.

Customer support:

A2hosting offers phone and email support. They have Guru Crew support, which is well-informed and friendly. It is appropriate for you for quality assistance because it is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Crew can be contacted by chats, phones, and emails.

General Features



$ 2.99

Bandwidth on shared web hosting plans

100 GB




30 GB

No. of Domains




6. Hostgator:


Hostgator has expanded to serve thousands of clients in the hosting area over the years. When it comes to WordPress hosting services, web hosting companies are the finest since they are reputable and offer inexpensive pricing and deals.

You don’t want to waste time learning the ins and outs of navigating a new hosting platform, no matter how experienced you are. It is straightforward to use, with excellent hosting options and features. Hostgator Hosting is a cheap WordPress hosting Platform.

WordPress installation:

The installation process is easy because of the built-in cPanel which is accommodated to be a WordPress installer. You might need to update them even after the installation but overall the performance is good.

The installation is just a few clicks away with easy-to-understand features.

Customer support:

They offer a spectrum of services with good customer support. but they are not as fast as the ones mentioned above. You might have to wait for a few minutes before the team reaches outs to you. Overall, there is a slight possibility of minor inconveniences throughout the process, but keeping that aside, the user experience will be good.


General Features


Plan name




Automatic backup


Disc type


Disc space


Email account


Free domain


7. DreamHost


It is designed for people with different scales of budgets. It excels in providing excellent service. Online hosting is provided by this outstanding web firm. It offers a variety of services, including Word Press hosting. All of the features give you a lot of space to work with.

The standard shared Hosting pack is the most popular one offered by DreamHost.  DreamHost Hosting is a cheap WordPress hosting Platform.

WordPress installation:

The site offers one-click installation, which makes the user experience seemingly easy. There is not much to do while installing you just sit and wait for it to be installed and then get started with the website.

Customer support:

The customer support is reliable and easy to reach. The teams help you via chats, emails, and phone. The easiest one is the chats, they are quick with thorough assistance. The service is not just mentioned to be available 24/7 but they actually are.

General featuresDreamhost
Automatic backupNo
Disc typeSDD

Disc space


Email accountUnlimited
Free domainYes

8. Kinsta


It gives users access to various hosting options, all of which are affordable and of great quality. It’s designed to provide you with a long-lasting online experience. Kinsta has a strong foundation and delivery system that ensures optimal efficiency.

It proves to be a capable and effective hosting platform. It caters within the range of budget while providing quality service. Kinsta has everything, whether you want the optimum rates, the finest user experience, or appreciable customer service. Even beginners will be able to design their website with ease, thanks to the optimized managed hosting setups. The Google Cloud Platform makes it more accessible and easy to use. kinsta Hosting is a cheap WordPress hosting Platform.

WordPress installation:

It is just a matter of one tick, no, really. When you are setting up your account you can tell the team to install WordPress for you. It is said and done.

Customer support:

Kinsta representatives have the knowledge to help you around WordPress. All you need to do is connect to them either via ticketing or chats.

General FeaturesKinsta
Bandwidth25k visitors
Automatic backupYes
Disc typeSDD
Disc spaceUnlimited
Email accountUnlimited
Free domainYes

We hope that the article has helped you to select the suitable one. What features you want, how much you can pay for a service, which site you’re moving from, and what you expect from your future service provider are all personal choices, as every review article concludes.

These are the criteria you should use to make your final decision. When determining whether or not to switch your website to a different web hosting platform, we’ve detailed the most important points to consider. It is largely depending on your personal choices and needs.

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