3 Best WordPress Hosting Company 2024

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Selecting a perfect Hosting for your WordPress website might be confusing. It is often more confusing when you notice that Google is filled with different articles telling you about various WordPress Hostings.

When you start your blogging journey, you get different suggestions, numerous pieces of advice which makes your selection boring besides tough.

Every Hosting company and its packages, without a doubt, contain its own advantages as well as disadvantages. However, the secret tip for selecting a Best WordPress Hosting lies in two factors:

  1. Uptime up to 99.99%
  2. A secure hosting that saves your website from hackers

What are the Needs of a Best WordPress Hosting?

WordPress is now powering 33% of the websites that are on Google! Huge-Isn’t it? Since a large number of websites operate from WordPress, hosting companies have designed hosting packages, especially for WordPress.

There is no doubt that wordpress websites require good hosting. It should be good enough that your website can run smoothly.

Let’s discuss some selection criteria for “Best WordPress Hosting”.

  1. Panel: In most cases, people operating WordPress come from non-tech backgrounds; they do not have much knowledge of coding, programming, etc. Therefore, good hosting has cPanel in them. With cPanel, you can easily add your domain, signup for FTP accounts, and more with cPanel. cPanel is a must for Best WordPress Hosting.
  2. Compatibility: Every good thing has its limits, and the same goes for WordPress. WordPress has some issues, and in order to remove those errors, you must buy a hosting that offers you an updated OS and the latest PHP.
    To run a WordPress website smoothly, you should at least have:


    • MySQL- 5.6 or greater than that
    • PHP 7- seven or more than that
    • And the Apache module the mod-rewrite
    • Always search for a hosting package that offers you the factors mentioned earlier.
  3. Uptime: Surely, Uptime is the most important factor for good WordPress Hosting. This factor is essential for your consumers and also needed for attaining top places in search engines. Cheap hosting packages often lack a better uptime, so totally avoid them. Always look for hosting that offers you at least 99.99% uptime.
  4. Bandwidth Storage: Always search a website hosting that facilitates maximum storage for your WordPress Website.
  5. Customer Support: It is an essential criterion but often avoided. Just think your WordPress website is down as some issue arises and customer support isn’t really supporting you! Therefore, always select a hosting that benefits you with real-time customer support.

Now that we have learned about the factors, let’s proceed towards the “Best WordPress Hostings for 2024.”

Best WordPress Hosting Company in India 2024

Here we have a list of the 3 Best WordPress web hosting companies that will help you to boost your website SEO.

1. BlueHost

BlueHost is one of those organisations that started from scratch but today has its customers worldwide. BlueHost is quite easy to use and offers you an easily built cPanel, making it simple for non-techy users to operate their WordPress website.

BlueHost has earned various awards till now, and it is among the three hostings that WordPress itself recommends! The most surprising feature about BlueHost is that they offer one free domain.

Concluding everything, if you need web hosting with an easy interface, BlueHost is a great choice.

2. A2Hosting

A2Hosting is in the market since the year 2001, and they are widely known for the page loading speeds that they offer. The strong uptime that this hosting offer is the biggest reason for convincing people to buy it. A2Hosting also has amazing customer support, and the best thing is the live-chat facility. They benefit their customers with these fantastic facilities at a reasonable rate.

In short, if you’re looking for web hosting with the best uptime, fast loading speed, and outstanding customer service, then go for A2Hosting blindly!

3. Hostinger

Hostinger is mostly known for the amazing deals it offers at an excellent price. There are especially WordPress-designed plans for your WordPress websites that you can install with a single click. One of the surprising facts is that their customer support is in multi-language. It also has a live-chat option once you sign in to your Hostinger account.

Besides these benefits, it also gives you an SSL certificate free of cost and bandwidth with unlimited storage.

Keeping these advantages in mind, we can proudly say that Hostinger is a great hosting at an affordable rate.

Final Thoughts: These were the three “Best WordPress Hosting of 2024″. Choosing any of them will definitely benefit you and your WordPress website.

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