Dedicated Hosting

What is a Dedicated Hosting/Server?

Dedicated hosting is defined as web hosting schemes that offer a dedicated platform for servers including dedicated resources to one consumer. Dedicated hosting schemes are perfect for WordPress websites with the appreciable engagement of online audiences. 

In dedicating hosting a consumer trend and entire server including all the resources. It provides there are many web hosting companies that propose various packages of Dedicated hosting plans. The rates of these packages are based on the customers’ selection of hardware and the assignment of capital by consumers.

Dedicated hosting services are suitable for large-scale businesses and for more traffic-oriented websites. The server assists the clients to directly monitor it to match it according to their own needs. Dedicated plans also offer managed and unmanaged types of server/hosting in which the hosting Centre Can assist or manage the server if the customer is facing any problems.

Dedicated Hosting

This service makes dedicated managed servers costly. The cost can fluctuate by the number of resources used like bandwidth storage space, RAM capacity, etc. Some software provides free packages also but is not generally preferred as they do not guarantee, stability and security. 

In simpler words, dedicated hosting is just like a property to name your own and the domain you could probably need, but the only issue is, it is a bit costlier which has to be because of the features it provides.

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What are the 2 Types of Dedicated Hosting Server?

There are two types of Dedicated hosting servers that the hosting companies provide to their customers:

2 Types of Dedicated Hosting

  1. Managed Server Hosting: In this form, the service supplier will be able to perform system activities such as server deployment, server upgrades, server servicing, server testing, malware detection, firewall setup, etc. Thus, the consumer or site owners may feel comfortable using control panels in this form of hosting.
  2. server hosting: This form of hosting will be perfectly well for a person who is involved in such a technical field as the host service provider leaves the whole server process to you. The server setup can be customized depending on your requirement is free of charge. 

There is no Control Panel option in this form of hosting, but you can install a custom Control Panel if you need it.

Best Dedicated Hosting companies

Here is a list of companies that will ensure you the best Dedicated hosting services and will guarantee you proper customer support.

  1. LiquidWeb
  2.  InMotion hosting
  3. HostGator
  4. Bluehost
  5. DreamHost
  6. Cloudways 
  7. InterServer
  8. GoDaddy
  9. HostWinds
  10. A2 Hosting

These companies have different plans and different features to satisfy your need for web hosting.

Why should you choose a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is one of the most compatible options to select as it can easily solve some complex problems such as system crashes, heavy internet traffic, sudden power loss, or some security breaches

Pros of Dedicated Server:

Let us take a look at the pros and cons of dedicated server hosting.

  1. Flexible: Dedicated servers offer ultimate flexibility as the device on which you are working is completely in your control you can install any application whenever you want it. You also get the flexibility to upgrade the performance of the server over time.
  2. Capabilities: The capability of devices depends on budget. You can select the fastest processors, RAM capacity, and large storage space of hard disks. Also, you can add further servers which gives you a chance to provide your server’s connection to other people also.
  3. Performance: Dedicated hosting servers provide complete and unrestricted access to the whole hardware and processing resources to you. So, if you feel that you want more components, then you can replace them or add further components to them. However, the connecting speed depends upon the data center.
  4. Reliability: You can totally rely on a Dedicated hosting server as the techniques and the functions are designed in such a way that they will prevent data loss and the host itself will provide you some level of monitoring.
  5. Safety: Mostly the hosts offer backups and monitoring services but as is already mentioned above that the server is completely yours and you can do all the changes you want to do. There is no setting that will stop you from login and delete everything.
  6. Security: Security is the main concern of every business which cannot be neglected at any cost. Dedicated hosting gives you the advantage of securing your site from any neighboring sites. Moreover, you can customize the secure security measures and the website according to your need.
  7. Support: Dedicated servers provide full support 24×7 this is a must because if you are spending a big amount to have your own server which means it is an important side that cannot afford to have any problem.

Cons of Dedicated Servers

  1. Single user accessibility: The Dedicated servers are costly and are solely dedicated to you. The person who owns the stock shares all capital. It is definitely not an expensive choice for newcomers and start-ups, especially when you are focusing on higher efficiency.
  2. Technical expertise: In contrast to Shared hosting or VPS hosting, the management of this server involves technical knowledge to set up, run or manage, configure and maintain it. Other than this it requires regular server maintenance and monitoring.
  3. Have to do Backups on your own:  As a Dedicated server gives you full control, there are chances that you delete a file by mistake, so you have to backup it on your own to prevent such losses.

What is the final verdict?

The dedicated server hosting is a favorable option if you want to gather more online traffic to your website or have to exercise economic agreements rapidly. Now it is your choice to select which type of hosting services you prefer. Also, another aspect to consider is the resources you need and the audience you want to collect.

The main advantage of this server is you do not have to share the operating system with any other person, which will provide better security for your website files. Surely Dedicated hosting services are costly but they will provide the best services for your company. 

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