Best BlueHost Dedicated Hosting Review(2024)

What is Dedicated hosting?

Dedicated hosting is one of the most popular hostings among hosting providers; though it costs a bit more than shared hosting, the perks are also better. It provides you with privacy, better control, and resource allocation. The servers are completely isolated, which gives the user complete control of their server. All this while not getting influenced by any other servers. 

Dedicated hosting by BlueHost

With BlueHost, it is simple to get started with dedicated hosting. The prices vary according to the resources, plans, and services provided. The programs are divided into the following packages:

  • Standard
  • Enhanced
  • Premium

The advantages are all that is needed from top service providers, the required ones being control, privacy, and other essential resources to get your website going. Dedicated servers are also not shared with any other user ensuring a smooth run for your website. If you have high traffic on your website, you should go with dedicated hosting.


BlueHost is an engaging platform with several features. You’ve most likely worked it out by now, so you’ve come here. It’s simple to use and has a convenient control panel. Thanks to the website, even amateurs will be able to handle their website with ease. They’ve given you several alternatives so that you may get started right away with your website.

These features may assist you in establishing a solid foundation for your website. It is a well-known web hosting service provider with over two million websites globally. It offers a range of hosting options to customers, which are both affordable and high-quality. The following are some of the essential components of the provider.

Only a few providers remain at the top of the market today, with Bluehost being one of them due to its excellent services.

It’s a low-cost WordPress builder and hosting service with excellent customer service. The platform includes shared, dedicated, and virtual private server hosting.

• WordPress Friendly 

• Consistently High performance

• Exceptional Server uptime 

• Dedicated VPS hosting choices

• Spam Experts, Spam Hammer, and Apache Spam Assassin to protect and prevent bots

• Huge App and Integration Library 

• Free domain name



Plan nameStandard, Enhanced, Premium
Basic prices and services offered

$83.80/ mo,



Respectively with essential features included

Functioning websites allowed with the cheapest plan


Visitors allowed for the basic plan           _
Free DomainYes
Free SSLYes
Provided Disk Space


SSD storage



WordPress OptimizedYes
Automated BackupsNo
Free EmailYes
Control PanelC-Panel
SupportLive chats, emails, calls
Money-back guarantee30 Days
Choose PlanGet Started

The pros of using BlueHost Dedicated Hosting Review:

  • Performance:- BlueHost’s uptime is significantly higher than the industry average. The response time is also among the finest in the business, and it is faster than the average. There are other ranges of variations. BlueHost offers free domains and unlimited websites. All of them include automatic backups, free SSL certificates, and more. The Dual Quad Processor Performance server is also available for $14.95 per month. This is used to manage massive e-commerce websites and ensure they function correctly without slowing down.
  • Ease of use:- Bluehost has established itself as one of the most dependable, user-friendly, and well-known shared hosting platforms. When choosing the right and best-suited hosting platform for your website, ease of use is critical. The Bluehost platform has a C-Panel connection. BlueHost Dedicated Hosting Review has a straightforward onboarding procedure that will get your website up and running in just a few clicks. The website’s layout is user-friendly, with adjustable objectives and prerequisites. After completing a few basic questions like your website’s slogan and name, you’ll be asked to select a theme for your website. They give a quick overview of using the site and a list of services included in the most basic plans. The basic plan features are suitable for beginners. But as already mentioned, you should go with dedicated web hosting if your website is large, represents enormous businesses, and has high traffic.
  • Security and Support:- Bluehost has one of the most efficient and effective security systems among its rivals. Spam Experts, Spam Hammer, and Apache Spam Assassin are included in the plans to guard and prevent bots. Not only that, but you can get Code Guard Backup for an extra $2.99 a month. Monitoring and backups will be automatic, allowing you to concentrate on constructing and upgrading your website in peace.
  • Support:- Bluehost has specialized teams working around the clock to assist customers better. They all respond swiftly, but certain services are only available to paying customers. Support is simple and may be obtained through phone calls, emails, and online chats.

Cons of using BlueHost Dedicated Hosting Review:- 

  • BlueHost does not provide guaranteed uptime, which is true not just for the basic plan but also for the higher ones. You don’t want your website to stay down for an extended time after paying such high costs due to your web hosting platform.
  • Downtime implies you may lose consumers, but the platform bears no responsibility for this, which is alarming when purchasing the subscription.
  • Bluehost does not provide free site migration, which may concern after paying such a high price for the plans.
  • It might be challenging to switch from one web hosting platform to another.
  • It costs a lot of money ($149.99) to move it when other web hosting providers do it for free.
  • This holds Bluehost back from selecting the best web hosting platform for the website.
  • Costlier than a few of its competitors 
  • Cloud hosting isn’t available.
  • No monthly shared hosting options are available.
  • Windows-based servers are scarce.

Bluehost is an attractive option for both novices and large businesses because it caters to both. Dedicated hosting is a big commitment if you do not have high traffic or considerable interaction. It provides a variety of plans and features from which to pick. There are disadvantages, but the advantages and benefits outnumber the disadvantages. Again, we have set out all of the benefits and drawbacks for you to consider.

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