Should Buy? | Namecheap Shared Hosting Review 2024

Namecheap shared hosting review

In today’s era finding an excellent shared hosting plan for your website is very difficult. I still remember when I first started to learn about the different shared hosting plans. I would go from various blogs to forums to find the best-shared hosting plan for my website. It was super confusing and frustrating.

In this guide, I will cut out all the crap and tell you about the detailed Namecheap shared hosting review, whether it’s worth buying a Namecheap shared hosting plan or not?

Namecheap has been attracting millions of customers for the last two decades by providing the best domain services. A few years back, Namecheap started offering web hosting services to its customers, and one of the hosting plans offered by Namecheap is a shared hosting plan.

Let’s dive into detail about Namecheap’s shared hosting plan its Pros and Cons.

Namecheap shared hosting plan is where multiple websites can use a single server to operate their website.

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Namecheap Shared Hosting Plans

Namecheap offers three different types of plan in their shared hosting plans named as 

  • Stellar
  • Stellar Plus
  • Stellar Business

Namecheap shared hosting review 2021

Indeed, Namecheap offers the cheapest shared hosting plans to its customers. All their shared hosting plans are cheaper than a domain name purchase. 

10 Reason Not buy Namecheap shared hosting?

Here are 10 reasons, Why you should not buy Namecheap shared hosting for your website?

1. Poor Customer Support

The customer support from Namecheap is not supportive. It takes too much time for their staff to resolve the queries, and they do not have telephone support, which is very frustrating. Most of the time, their staff are not technically sound; they only give you the FAQ’s link, which is not acceptable.

2. Poor Response Time

Namecheap server response time keeps varying and is not stable, shows different results every time, and shows poor results in India and Asia.

3. Backup Plan is Misleading

Namecheap twice a week backup plan is misleading. They don’t guarantee backup, and you can’t control your backup from your end. 

4. Page Speed is Slow

Page speed is fast in the USA; the page usually gets load under two seconds, but in other countries like India and Asia, the page takes too much time to load it usually takes 10 seconds, making the customer annoyed.

5. No Cache Manager

Doesn’t offer any built-in cache manager; you will have to install a cache manager on your wordpress manually. Other web hosting companies like A2 hosting do offer cache manager in their hosting plans.

6. CPU and RAM needs upgradation

A website will not accommodate too much traffic with Namecheap’s shared hosting package. Their shared hosting plan can support only 30 active users, If there are more than 30 active users, this hosting will start creating an issue with Namecheap shared hosting plan CPU, and RAM requires upgradation.

7. High Renewal Rates

Namecheap provides its shared hosting plans at the cheapest cost, but renewal rates are incredibly high after one year. With that same price, other companies provide many more features.

8. Poor Uptime

Uptime is not reliable. It shows different uptime at different times. Because of poor uptime, users get shifted to another platform.

9. Storage capacity is minimal

Namecheap offers a minimal amount of storage in its two basic plans, not just enough for a website. People crave unlimited storage, and if the company doesn’t offer that, people look for other alternatives.

   10. Dashboard is confusing

Namecheap Dashboard is not at all easy to operate. Some aspects of the dashboard are very difficult to find. And it takes alot of time to find one particular thing.


Undoubtedly Namecheap offers hosting at the least expensive cost yet at the same time, I will not prescribe you to go Namecheap shared hosting as a result of the above-expressed explanation. Namecheap actually needs to zero in a lot on improving their hosting plans. So on the off chance that you are searching for shared hosting plans, at that point, you can go for Bluehost or A2 shared hosting. Their speed is quick and has reliable client care.

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