Top BlueHost Shared Hosting Review 2024

Top BlueHost Shared Hosting Review 2023

BlueHost Shared Hosting Review These days, having a website is as important as having any other prominent component for your business; having a website is key to seeing quick growth; while this is not always true, it does assist in establishing the organization online. It doesn’t matter if it’s for giant corporations or small company owners. Fortunately, bringing your company online and building a website has never been simpler.

Websites that excel in performance, uptime, pricing, and other critical characteristics are available to assist you. You can have your website up and running with only a few clicks, and all you must do now is locate an appropriate and dependable web hosting platform.

With so many providers on the market today, only a few remain at the top, BlueHost Shared Hosting Review being one of them for its excellent services.

It’s a low-cost WordPress builder and hosting provider with friendly support. The platform provides hosting services for shared, dedicated, and virtual private servers.

It’s a user-friendly platform with a lot of options. You’ve probably figured it out by now, and that’s why you’re here. It’s easy to use and comes with a handy control panel. Thanks to the website, even novices will be able to manage their website with ease. They’ve provided you with a lot of options so that you may get started with your website straight away.

These functions might help you build a strong foundation for your website. It is a well-known web hosting service provider, with around two million websites using its services worldwide. It provides consumers with a variety of hosting alternatives, all of which are both reasonable and high-quality.

The following are some of the provider’s most important attributes.

  • WordPress-friendly
  • Consistently high performance
  • Exceptional server uptime
  • Dedicated VPS hosting choices
  • Spam Experts, Spam Hammer, and Apache Spam Assassin to protect and prevent bots
  • Huge App and Integration Library
  • Free domain name



Plan nameBasic

Basic prices and services offered

$2.37/ mo with a few features included

Functioning websites allowed with the cheapest plan


Free Domain


Free SSL


Provided Disk Space

 50GB SSD Storage



WordPress Optimized



Multiple Locations
Automated BackupsNo

Free Email


Control Panel



LiveChats, Emails, Calls

Renewable Price


Money-Back Guarantee

30 Days
Choose PlanGet Started

Everything might appear a good choice for you if you are considering the options superficially. So, let’s get into a little depth to know what are the pros and cons of using BlueHost Shared Hosting Review:

Ease of use- 

Bluehost has established itself as one of the most reliable, easy-to-use, and popular shared hosting platforms. Ease of use is essential when deciding the right and best-suited hosting platform for your website. Bluehost’s Shared Hosting Review platform has a traditional cPanel integration.

Bluehost offers a simple onboarding process that takes a few clicks to get your website up and running.

The interface is intuitive, with customizable goals and requirements set up for the website.

After answering a few essential questions like the tagline of your website, and name, you’ll be required to choose the website’s theme.

The only part you must get in is the customizable features. After selection of these, Bluehost will automatically install WordPress.

They provide a brief description of how to use the site and a list of services available with the simplest plans. The basic plan features are appropriate for novices, while the premium plans are best suited for major organizations and websites.


Bluehost offers affordable and cheaper plans. The plans also have vast ranges and flexibility. The BlueHost Shared Hosting Review plan is one of the most popular plans among customers.


Pricing For 12 Month

Pricing For 36 Month

Basic$4.95/month $2.95/month
Choice Plus$7.45/month$5.45/month
Choose PlanGet StartedGet Started

The 36-month plans are cheaper while providing the same services as the 12-month plan. They also offer a 30-days money-back guarantee. So if you change your mind, you can opt-out of the plan.

Except for the beginner plan, all other plans (plus, choice plus, pro) offers unlimited websites and storage. You also get

  • Free CDN
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free domain for a year
  • Customizable theme
  • 24/7 support


BlueHost delivers above the standard uptime in the industry. The response time is also one of the best in the market and above the industry average. There are ranges of variances too. BlueHost allows unlimited websites with free domains. They all offer automated backups, free SSL certificates, and much more. You can also access the Dual Quad processor Performance server at $14.95/mo. This is used to manage the large e-commerce websites to make sure they work effectively without slowing down in the process.

Great Security-

Bluehost offers one of the efficient and best securities among all its competitors. The plans come with spam Experts, Spam Hammer, and Apache Spam Assassin to protect and prevent bots. Not only this, but you can also add Code Guard Backup for an additional $2.99/mo. The monitoring and backups will be automated so you can peacefully focus on building and upgrading the website.


Bluehost has dedicated teams working around the clock to serve the customers more effectively. They all get to you very quickly; however, certain services are only available to paying clients. The support is rather straightforward and can be done by calls, emails, and chats.

Site Migration- 

Bluehost does not offer free site migration, which might become an issue after paying such an amount for the plans. If you want to shift to or from another web hosting platform, it becomes a hassle.

You need to pay a large sum ($149.99) to get it transferred, while it is free on most web hosting platforms. This pulls back Bluehost while choosing the suitable web hosting platform for the website.

No Guaranteed Uptime- 

BlueHost does not offer guaranteed uptime, and this is not the case with just the basic plan but also the higher plans. Again, after paying such prices, you don’t want your website to be down for a certain amount of time because of your web hosting platform.

Downtime means you may also lose your customers, but this is not the responsibility of the platform whatsoever, which is a bit concerning while buying the plan.

Overall, Bluehost might be a good choice for beginners and large business owners as it caters to both the niche. It offers a spectrum of plans and features to choose from. There are drawbacks too, but the pros and benefits are much more than the cons which can be outlooked. Again, the decision is up to you as we have laid out all the good and bad.

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