Reseller Hosting Review

Reseller Hosting Review

What does one mean by Reseller Hosting? – Reseller hosting is a form of web hosting where the concerned person directly deals with the web hosting providers for reselling their hosting services to customers.

In simple language, reseller hosting means reselling your client’s hosting as if you are the hosting provider.

This is often the characteristic of ambitious entrepreneurs wishing to make their own web hosting company or of existing web engineers and creators looking to enrich their products with other facilities.

The functioning of Reseller Hosting:

The key reason that users resell web hosting may be a quick entry, as compared to the creation of their web hosting provider from nothing. The networking of resellers wouldn’t require detailed technical knowledge of network hosting from the initial concept.

The technological elements of web hosting aren’t relevant for reseller hosting. 

The info center provider typically manages network equipment and hardware and implements, maintains, and upgrades the server by the licensed user. A reseller can effectively communicate together with his potential clients, but any trouble with hardware, applications, and networking are generally transferred to the server company from which he bought the reseller plan. 

As a capital-intensive reseller company, customers often receive comprehensive marketing. Resellers can, however, be put within the challenging role of collaborating for other technological assistance like billing and payment problems between the hosting company and the client.

Top Reseller Hosting Services:

Here are some top Reseller service providers:

  1. HostGator 
  2. SiteGround
  3. GreenGeeks 
  4. A2
  5. InMotion 
  6. LiquidWeb
  7. iPage 
  8. DreamHost
  9. WPEngine 
  10. AccuWeb 

Is Reseller Hosting a reliable option?

It depends on whether you’d wish to join the online hosting company without beginning an entire enterprise from the beginning, otherwise, you would like to host the independent dashboards for your clients without throwing up resources to potentially costly special hosting or VPS hosting. 

That being said, you would like to understand how web hosting operates. you want to brace for the unavoidable problems which occur, and sometimes you want to function as a messenger between your customers and your provider of web hosting.

Should you choose Reseller Hosting or not?

Before making any decision, you ought to undergo the pros and cons of Reseller Hosting.


  1. Affordable and efficient- Plans for hosting resellers are fairly inexpensive. This is often why they’re an honest choice for people looking to pursue the business of web hosting. as compared, since you do not need to buy the technology, infrastructure, and facilities normally needed to become an internet hosting service provider, it simplifies things.
  2. Emphasis on Industry- you ought to consider the commercial aspects instead of the technological part of managing an internet hosting company once you choose reseller hosting. This is often because the online hosting provider you’ve got leased or bought from is liable for all of the activities concerning upgrades, website upkeep, networking, and privacy.
  3. Space to Grow- Reseller hosting can provide you with a greater number of features and space if you’ve got an internet site that receives tons of tourists, features a lot of pages or the corporate has many sites. For instance, without having to pay extra hosting plans, you’ll run different portions of your pages from different URLs and various servers.
  4. Additional Features- Reseller hosting provides a bigger range of features in contrast to basic hosting plans. The instrument panel would even be simpler for the website, helping you to access the location more efficiently. Besides, several businesses can sell unrestricted SSL certificates also as features like Cpanel.
  5. Building The Brand- Reseller hosting helps you to make your own identity and brand, albeit you’re selling the services of another web hosting service provider. This simply means consumers won’t know you’re renting from another web hosting firm.
  6. Opportunities on Revenue- By offering add-ons like SSL Licenses, shared servers, VPS hosting, dedicated IP, name registrations, etc., it’s likely to get extra achievement from reseller hosting.


  1. Dependency on the first web hosting firm- The success of your business is often measured by the efficiency of the first web hosting provider. This ensures that the organization would be hurt if its server regularly falls offline or if there are tons of technological challenges.
  2. You will have to invest more in customer support- If you provide an internet hosting service, albeit you’re hosting its reseller, it’s still important for you to deal with customers’ questions. It could ruin your industry if you do not answer your customers’ questions accurately.
  3. Modifying suppliers will influence your clients- you’ve got to maneuver all the info from your customers if you’ve got chosen to vary your web hosting provider. 

This will be extremely complicated, so you ought to have a wired network or a Virtual Private Server (VPS). employing a data center or VPS makes it easy for services to regulate, but it makes it more costly.

  1. Restricted server access- For other stuff, you’d need to go via the online hosting solution, as reseller hosting only has restricted access to the database.

What is the ultimate verdict?

In total, whether you are trying to interrupt the online hosting market or if you’re a developer and/or artist, reseller hosting is often profitable. it is a lot of labor, however, and is perhaps not for everyone. 

Have assurance that the online hosting service providers survey to see whether or not they are delivering optimum results for your website and make sure that you’re proud of sophisticated website controls. 

It might be nice to try it if you have got a very low budget, but your preferences are to possess unique nameservers, private logo or business name, and administration region, so reseller web hosting is the most suitable option for you, with the drawbacks in mind, the advantages win and it isn’t a nasty choice to devour a reseller web hosting kit.

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