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Hostgator hosting review

Hostgator Hosting Review– A leading hosting provider Hostgator has been known as the most popular hosting provider around the globe, and it is currently hosting about 10 million domains, which you guys are not aware of Newbies often get confused in selecting the right hosting plans for their website, which becomes the barrier between them and their online earning dreams. So in this Hostgator hosting review, I will show you everything you need to know about Hostgator.

A few years back, I started to learn about hosting reviews; I’d go from different mixed reviews just to find an honest review of hosting. It was super frustrating.

So in this Hostgator hosting review, I will cut out all the crap and noise and show you detailed Hostgator information that helps you in deciding whether to buy its hosting plan or any service or not? So if you plan to buy a hosting plan and look for an honest Hostgator hosting review, you will love today’s guide.

Here we go, Hostgator was founded by Brent Oxley in 2002, who believes that everybody should have rightful recognition in the world.

Therefore, his company Hostgator focuses on helping people to make their online presence successful with the help of its hosting service. As a result, the company has won lots of awards for its commendable support and hosting services.

Not only this but it’s also known for its incredible 24/7 contact support. So now you have got an idea of what HostGator does, it’s time for me to explain its offerings in detail.

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Hosting Plans Offered By Hostgator

Hosting Plans Offered By Hostgator

Hostgator has been in the market to serve its leads and understands the problems of its customers.

To cater to its customer need efficiently, it has developed a range of website hosting plans for all its users.

HostGator Web Hosting

Web hosting is the service provided by businesses that run and maintain the physical servers on all websites live on. Therefore, one should always do justice with web hosting, as it directly affects the quality of your website.

Hostgator web hosting has an easy-to-handle c-panel and an excellent performance plus delivery time as their servers are made up of Intel Xeon-E5 Dual Quad-Core Processors w/HyperThreading.
In addition, with the professional email they offer, you can sign up for unlimited POP3 emails and keep all the spam away from you.

HostGator Linux Shared Hosting

You will get a fantastic performance of your website and an excellent uptime. As most users have websites built up in WordPress, Hostagtor’s Linux shared hosting allows WordPress installation with just one tap. Linux enjoys an excellent reputation and offers perfect security to its users. It also supports multi scripts.

Linux Shared Hosting permits one-click installations of other web applications, too, Drupal and Magento, to name a few. Hostgator also provides an easy-to-handle Control Panel in Linux Shared Hosting to manage everything efficiently.

HostGator Windows Shared Hosting

You will receive numerous hosting functions for your websites, including Parallels Plesk Panel, ASP, ASP.Net, IIS, and also Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 at a reliable rate.

You will also get Windows Server 2012 R2 and award-winning customer support on opting for HostGator Windows Shared Hosting. Customers get all these excellent features at a reasonable price which is quite impressive about this hosting plan.

HostGator Open Source Web Hosting

Open source web hosting allows its users to manage several servers at one go easily. It is a primary OS among many recognized hosting provider companies. You can easily change and redistribute a code without any problems and stoppage with HostGator open-source web hosting

Hostgator gives many exciting features in its open-source hosting. A few of them are free SSL certificates, core CPU, and ample memory storage.

HostGator Cloud Hosting

Talking about Cloud hosting, it offers you access to resources of multiple servers rather than being limited to just a single one. HostGator Cloud hosting provides you with excellent website performance with maximum uptime (you will hardly see any downtime).

With Hostgator cloud hosting, you can easily manage and add other additional resources if you see sudden growth in your website, and that’s what every website owner dreams for their website. Hostgator’s cloud web hosting offers an easy-to-use c-panel, free SSL certificate, multiple caching layers, loading speed at least two times faster, including many other features.

HostGator WordPress Hosting

Suppose you’re a WordPress website owner or just thinking of transferring your website from another platform to WordPress. In that case, Hostgator WordPress Hosting is a wonderful option for you because it facilitates superb website functionality at a low rate. 

Developers of Hostgator have built WordPress Hosting by taking the needs of a WordPress website in mind, so you don’t need to go anywhere if you’re a WordPress lover. You will get brilliant hosting, robust security, and protection from viruses and malware with this WordPress hosting offered by Hostgator. WordPress Hosting will provide you with the installation of 3 websites that get 500K traffic monthly, unlimited mail addresses, 2.5 times faster loading speed, free website migration, 24/7 customer care support, and so on.

HostGator Reseller Hosting

With reseller hosting, people buy hosting from you like you’re buying from Hostgator. If you’re planning to start your own hosting company, then HostGator Reseller hosting is the best option for you. This hosting plan by Hostgator allows you to host a reseller hosting website with maximum uptime and less downtime, so you will be able to provide your customers with good server maintenance services, excellent uptime, and several other essential tools.

You will have access to 140 GB disk with 1400 GB bandwidth, hosting unlimited domains, creating c-panels for your consumers, excellent uptime of 99.9%, and 24/7 customer support through live chat and phone. I highly recommend Hostgator Reseller hosting if you’re planning to open your own big hosting company.

1. HostGator Linux Reseller Hosting

This hosting has numerous advantages. HostGator Linux Reseller Hosting is functioning with MySQL and PHP, and the hardware and software that Linux reseller hosting uses are reliable. With this, you will get an excellent 99.9% uptime, WHMCS, unlimited emails (POP3), MYSQL, and supportive customer care.

Linux hosting has better security which means your website can stay protected from hackers and malware. And as Linux operates on disk space, you can efficiently multitask and stop one work for starting another.Great! Isn’t it?

Furthermore, it has good customization and offers a great admin panel. Besides these, it is a low-cost web hosting plan and provides the stability that your website demands. Not only these, but you will also get fantastic support from the Linux community.

2. HostGstor Windows Reseller Hosting

In windows reseller hosting, Hostgator will provide you unlimited domains, emails, MySQL, and FTP accounts. But, one thing I want you to make sure of is always learn what is behind this word – ‘unlimited,’ because there are always hidden things. Moreover, you will get an easy-to-control Plesk panel and a promised uptime of 99.9%. 

As always, you will get a 45-day money-back guarantee, and private name servers related to your domain. You will also receive two things free of cost. First is WHMCS Billing software, and the other is Reseller Club Domain Reseller Account. Also, you will get award-winning support with  HostGator Windows Reseller Hosting.

HostGator VPS Hosting

As we all know, web hosting saves your file and photos on powerful servers so that they can be accessible to your users. Now VPS hosting, with its full root access, permits you to edit every file (also including system-critical files) saved in your server as admin.

Hostgator VPS hosting plan also allows you to install programs on your website’s server besides just editing the files. As an owner of Hostgator VPS hosting, you will get access to shared hosting as well as dedicated hosting. Isn’t it amazing?

You will have access to 8 GB RAM with four cores CPU, 240 GB disk space with 3 TB bandwidth, hosting unlimited domains and FTP accounts, foot root access, weekly site backups, and many other features on purchasing VPS hosting. 

1. HostGator VPS Server Hosting

With VPS server hosting, Hostgator offers you an easy cPanel integration. It gives you complete server management. Also, you get excellent customer support which answers your queries instantly. Expert technicians are available 24/7 s at your service.

The Linux-based server manages your website efficiently, and you can even expand the server when your business starts getting pace. With Hostgator, you get excellent stability as its network has been covered with variable ISPs and DDoS protection.

2. HostGator Managed VPS Hosting

Small and newly setup businesses get advanced support, and people who are non-techy or do not have enough skills also get help from Hostgator. This hosting plan offers its consumers full root access and award-winning customer support, which means you can contact them via call, live chats, tickets, and server setup assistance.
With HostGator Managed VPS hosting, you are allowed to migrate your site with ease, astounding security, and expert solutions for your problems.

HostGator Dedicated Server

In a dedicated server, you are allowed to hire an entire server for hosting your websites, and your server will be private. That means nobody will have access to the server other than you. This ensures maximum uptime and super speed even if you run a website with over 1 million monthly visits.
With Hostgator dedicated server, users can access an eight-core and 16 Thread Intel Xeon-D CPU, and a 2TB HDD for hosting the files and photos to give your website a super speed. Also, non-metered or not charged internet bandwidth, RAID-1 configuration, etc., the option to select Linux or Windows OS for hosting the website.

Hostgator also provides access to DDOS for the security of your website, an IP-based firewall to keep your site safe from any hackers. Also, 24/7 customer support and over 500 videos on dedicated hosting queries are offered to you.

1. HostGator Linux Dedicated Server

You can manage your website’s every task effortlessly, From managing a high-traffic website to a serious online business, as they have the latest Xeon processors and crisp SSD storage. Hostgator has come up with a Raid 1 configuration to make sure the data is safe. Besides Raid 1 configuration, Linux dedicated server also has DDoS protection to secure your website against hackers and malware.

The HostGator Linux dedicated server give you 24/7 customer support, and its expert technicians are always there to provide you with all website-related solutions instantly. Without a doubt, they also offer you superb provision in setting up your work in just a few clicks. Apart from these features, Hostgator is always at your service to help you solve the failure or replace the product if any loss arises. EMI option is available for this hosting plan.

2. HostGator Windows Dedicated Server

Hostgator’s windows dedicated server ensures that your website is running smoothly. If you are running a high-traffic website or a large business, a windows dedicated server keeps checking your website uptime and page loading speed.

You get quality customer support such as live chat, phone calls, and tickets. Expert technicians are always available to support you if any website issue arises so that you do not need to panic. Full root access, DDoS protection, and more features are given to you when you choose HostGator windows dedicated server. Hostgator offers you an EMI option for this website plan.

3. HostGator Managed Dedicated Server

Hostgator’s managed dedicated server is undoubtedly one of its best services to date. You only need to purchase this hosting plan, and managed dedicated server will do the rest. With a managed dedicated server, users get perplexing service. Their excellent 24/7 customer support is the one that suits your website because you will get high-profile expert advice, live chat, and tickets.

A HostGator managed dedicated server will set up all your servers, easily migrate your website, and provide your website and its data, with a safe environment as they have DDoS protection and excellent SSD storage. Instant provision will help your website’s failure to be managed quickly. While it’s a new package from Hostgator, it has everything that your online business requires.

Pros and Cons of using Hostgator

Pros/Advantages of using Hostgator

  • Better Uptime
    Hostgator guarantees a maximum uptime of nearly 99.9%, which is breathtaking for every website. Because uptime has a direct relation with your website ranking on the search engine. When websites do not load quickly, users go back, and this affects your website’s position in search engines, so always ensure that you’re using a good hosting plan with more excellent uptime. 
  • Free of cost website migration and one-tap installations 
    Hosting providers allow you to migrate your website, but it takes a lot of effort; with Hostgator, you need to buy your preferred plan and then let Hostgator do the rest for you. What makes Hostgator stand away from the crowd is its specialty to transfer your website very quickly. If you’re migrating to WordPress, then just with a few clicks, you will be able to set up your website on WordPress without any problem.
  • Many unlimited services
    Hostgator offers you unlimited disk storage, which means you are free to store data without any limit. This unlimited option is a superb feature for people who run many websites. You don’t need to worry about your data capacity with Hostgator hosting plan, and that makes one more point why you should choose Hostgator.
    Another unlimited feature is its unmetered bandwidth. With an unmetered bandwidth, you can easily make your data move among your host servers, internet, and regular visitors. Hostgator unmetered bandwidth is perfect if you don’t want to compromise your website’s speed and overall quality. Not only this, but Hostgator also provides an unlimited database. An unlimited database is suitable for people who run websites that receive high traffic. Hostgator’s unlimited database allows you to try numerous WordPress installations before presenting them to your clients. 
  • Amazing Pricing Criteria
    Hostgator increases its pricing on renewal, but you can’t ignore the fact that it has excellent value-packed pricing for its monthly accounts. So, if you’re someone who has lots of projects or one who keeps on creating new ideas, then Hostgator is your total savior. You can host many websites with Hostgator under your budget! 
  • Better Customer Support
    Hostgator promises to provide its valuable customers 24/7 and 365 days of customer support, which is incredible. They even have a live chat option to give their users an instant solution. That means you do not have to wait for hours to solve your website’s hosting issues. 
  • Easy and customized cPanel
    Nowadays, most hosting companies have control panels or cPanel, but the thing that distinguishes Hostgator’s cPanel is its great customization. Hostgator has all the necessary options in front of its control panel so that you don’t have to search for it for minutes. For example, they have a WordPress option in the show.

Cons/Disadvantages of using Hostgator

No matter how good anything is, it has some cons in them, and the same goes with Hostgator. Let’s dive into the topic and read all the drawbacks that Hostgator carries to make it easy for you to decide your last final answer.

  • Limited Things in Shared Hosting
    Hostgator offers unlimited services, but they still need to improve their shared hosting plans. Talking about security and daily backups, users have to do all these tasks independently, which is disappointing. Hostgator should work on their shared hosting plans a lot.
  • Extra Charges for Backups and Site Protection
    The biggest con of Hostgator is its hidden fees! When you’re buying hosting, you will see low pricing, but when it’s time for product billing, you will be shocked to see extra charges for your Gmail and backups. At first, when the customer reads the total pricing, Hostgator will use words such as ‘available’ or ‘included’ for backups and Gmail, but later they cost you extra bucks for these services.
    But, it isn’t the end because you will be surprised to see many other hosting services giving these features for ‘real’ in their plans (no extra fees charged).


Hostgator is a dedicated hosting server that you can trust. Keeping some of the cons sides, Hostgator is a reliable hosting platform that you can use for hosting your websites. It offers an excellent uptime and loading time that any website owner dreams for its website pages. Apart from that, Hostgator has built a user-friendly interface that is undoubtedly helpful for non-techy people and helps them start their website journey. Customer support is also good, yet it needs to improve a lot. Lastly, I want to say that you can go for Hostgator hosting without any doubt (but make sure you keep an eye on the cons).

FAQ Related to Hostgator Hosting

Hostgator hosting has made several customers globally in such a short period and continues to do so with the benefits of its hosting plans. No doubt, Hostgator is an excellent option for hosting websites, and it’s improving day by day. We have tried solving the expected doubts and questions of a reader’s mind. So, let’s discuss it one by one and solve all your queries related to Hostgator company, its hosting plans and packages.

  • Which Hostgator plan should I choose?
    If you’re new to the web world and want to run a brand new website and do not expect much traffic, shared hosting is the best option. When your website starts growing, you can jump to a more reliable hosting plan, i.e., VPS hosting.
  • Tell me the location of Hostgator Company.
    Currently, most Hostgator servers are running from Provo, Utah, and Houtan, Texas.
  • Can Hostgator handle my website that gets high traffic?
    As long as you’re selecting the right plan for your website hosting, Hostgator will keep managing your website’s traffic properly. Meanwhile, when your site starts getting more traffic, Hostgator will suggest you upgrade your plan.
  • What happens if you exceed the usage?Hostgator will inform you to reduce your usage through email when you exceed the usage. However, this website hosting platform will ask you to upgrade to a better plan if you keep increasing this activity.
  • Can I upgrade to a better plan later on?
    No worries! If you’re a beginner and wish to start with a small plan, Hostgator has you covered. You can upgrade your plant later on and take your website to a more advanced level.
  • Can I get a monthly payment option in Hostgator?
    It’s an absolute yes. You can get monthly payment options in Hostgator, but let me tell you that you will get more benefits and more discounts if you select an extended tenure plan.
  • Are you allowed to create subdomains in Hostgator?
    With a customized cPanel, you can add subdomains with ease!
  • Am I bound to purchase the add-ons that Hostgator suggests?
    No! You are not bound to buy the add-ons. Instead, you can choose them whenever you decide to buy them.
  • Can I start my Hostgator online store? If yes, then how?
    Yes, you can quickly run an online store with the help of Hostgator.
    Hostgator supports a variety of online stores such as Magento. With just one tap, you can add Magento.

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